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= Providing your thrice-weekly fix of weather-related fanservice =


( happy news )

2006.11.23 >> After a one-month buffer-building hiatus, FANSERVICE + METEOROLOGY = WIN is back, with thrice-weekly (barely covered) coverage of the latest, exciting topics in the wild world of atmospheric science!

I've finally managed to build my buffer back up to a one-month level and am currently producing three episodes per weekend, so things should continue smoothly from now on.

2006.09.14 >> Hi everyone! [AoD] here. I'm so sorry, but my recent vacation has left me completely in a mess, so far as buffers are concerned. That's why there will be a short guest week next week, and then the comic will be going on vacation for one month. Just one month without Wendy - can you take it? Well, I suppose so, since my audience isn't very big to begin with. I'm really really sorry, but I've got a lot of catching up to do! Thanks!

2006.05.31 >> Hey folks! It's me, [AoD] again! I'm whirling back with a hot little number who calls herself "Wendy Rainier", and she's just thunderin' to meet you all. I'm sure that she'll really blow you all away with her sunny disposition and electrifying new science comic: "Fanservice + Meteorology = Win" - the only comic on the 'Net entirely about the wierd and wooly world of WEATHER GONE WILD! We'll be looking about cyclones, storms, thunderclouds, global warming, hurricanes, and really just about anything YOU ask about just what the heck is going on up there! Scry the friendly skies with Wendy Rainier, your hostess to a whole WORLD of atmospheric science!


2006.05.31 >> 1) Why does High Pressure bring clear skies and warm temperatures in spring and summer?

2006.06.12 >> 2) What is the Coriolis force?

2006.06.21 >> 3) What is El Niņo?

2006.07.05 >> 4) What is the Global Warming? - Part I of the Climate Change Series

2006.08.28 >> 5) What are the effects of Global Warming? - Part II of the Climate Change Series

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