happy peoplezes

De Main Cast

Nady - Recognisable as the strange little doll-like creature with the stitched mouth. Despite her strange appearance, all she wants to be is a regular high schooler, like you or me (scratch that. Not me. Not me at all.

Molotov - The guy that wears a gas mask all the time, and lots of leather, he's kind of a wannabe anarchist that's better at spouting anti-establishment rhetoric and general pyrotechnic mischief than anything else… The typical 'hero' type.

Leena- This goth girl is weird. She apparently knows kung-fu and has the most singularly odd personality out of the entire three. Nobody knows what goes on in Leena's head… Noooobody.

De Future Cast

Tin Lizzie - A psychotic ten year old girl living in a distant post apocalyptic desert, who drives a gigantic robot. She's the main antagonist. Apparently she manages to travel back in time and alter the course of history, causing the universe to undergo "Schrodinger Syndrome", and split into the surreal nightmare that it is.

Store Guy - An old man that runs a general store. He apparently is abducted to help lead her to something buried deep in the desert… woooOOOOOOOOoooOOoOo *Twilight Zone Music*

Frank the Angry Soldier - He hates you.

De "Just After the Nuclear War" Cast

Billy-Bob and Jim - Hillbillies. They drive around in the Jesus Van, proclaiming repentance or damnation. They picked up Angelina on the high way. 'Nuff said.

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