1) Q: Dude - what the hell are you smoking? A: Your mom, happy? I draw comix because I can! It's not my fault if my imagination is totally screwy! (Well… maybe it is… but uhh… never mind)

2) Q: What's this all about? A: It's surreal. I like Surreal. It tastes good with jelly and whipped cream. That means you're not really supposed to understand what's happening, just go with the flow. Anyhow, it revolves around multiple timelines and universes simultaneously brought into existence via a fluke in time-travel.

3) Q: Your website sucks. A: Go away. I hate you! I'm gonna go cry in my corner now. ;(

4) Q: When are you gonna update the comic? A: I'm a junior in High School. I have lots of other priorities. Drawing comix while not paying attention leads to bad grades. :/ I try, though. I try and try and try and try and try…. Oh wait. I shouldn't do that! There is no try.

5) Q: What's with this FAQ? You answered nothing! NOTHING! A: That's the idea! WHEEE!

6) Q: Why is everything on this one page? A: Cuz … I totally suck at HTML and webpaging?

A Little History of "It's the End of the World!" - WARNING: SPOILERS... and FRENCH

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