aod likes 'dese...

Sarah Zero

Incredibly cool comic with great art and stuff like that!


The pimpinest comic around...

Road Waffles

My chief source of inspiration!

It's Walky!

A great webcomic! Post-adolescent agents in a secret organisation battles space aliens and ordinary life.
Lots of angst and emotion, though, but I like to see people suffer >:D

Basil Flint, PI

Click for detective-parodying goodness!


Awesome! Aliens crash on to earth and have to 'blend in' until they can fix their spaceship.
Stylish, vintage artwork combined with a great sense of humour. I love it.

Wapsi Square

Good, old-fashioned everyday, realistic kind of humour. Slick art, too.

One over Zero

Interesting surreal comic with a philosophical bent. Doesn't update anymore, but a thousand strips should be worth quite a few day's entertainment!

Bob the Angry Flower

What can I say? Notley is a genius! Many of the strips are intensely funny!


Full-colour, high quality high school humour. I love it!

Absurd Notions

Real life humour revolving around the lives of a group of post-college friends and their exploits.

Because of Math Class

I really like Grace's style, and the comic is hilarious, too!

Scary Go Round

This is an amazingly well done comic that's not only in colour, it's daily! Supernatural mysteries - like Scooby Doo only totally not.

Okay Pants

Astonishingly sweet, rather creepy-looking comic about a girl and her friend, who also happens to be a mushroom. Very cute, and very stylish.

Questionable Content

Hip indie comic about a man, his roomate, and his self-aware PC

Return To Sender

Hands-down, this has some of the most AWESOME art I've ever seen on the internet! A dark-humoured comedy about two friends and a mysterious letter that magically appears one day...

Because of Math Class

Some great humour, unique art, and perhaps one of the saner comics out there. That is... most of the time.

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