What the hell are you doing here? Why on earth would you want to read about a boring-ass guy like me?! Go visit some webcomics or go to a really cool website! Just don't come back here, and I promise not to tell your grandma that you like to read about boring-ass guys like me! I'll do it! I swear! Old people are scary!


Anyhow, here's all you need to know about teh AoDizzle: I'm sixteen (as of this date, Saturday, June 26, 2004, 10:27 PM) and I like to write and sometimes draw crazy pictures for strange people on the internet that are probably middle-aged child-molesters or baboons or something. Have you ever thought about how scary foetuses are? OoOOohhh!

You can email me, if you want. Actually you should do that. Right now. I am so very lonely....


You should probably go away now. If you are still reading this you are scary, and I am afraid of you. There is a lot to be afraid of. You, especially. You frighten me, because you are dangerous.

You answer: 1) Yes! I go away!

2) No. I am here to frighten AOD. I am sick demented martian satan baby. And stuff. MWAHAHAH!