Not really a Store: Awww c'mon, what were you expecting? Overpriced, USELESS JUNK?! Well... maybe you were, but AOD is a pinko commie! OMG noes! No moneymaking here! NONE AT ALL! RRRAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!


The Communist Manifesto: Written by those two cool cats, Fredrich Engels and KARL MARX

Writings by Mike Bakunin: He's an anarchist!

Quotations from Chairman Mao: Aaaaaah! When will this AOD guy stop it with the crazy communist links??!

Marxists.Org: Click me for lots of INTENSE MARXIST FUN!!!!!


Iraqi Body Count: Really depressing website.. ;(

The Revolution Betrayed: Stuff written by that dead guy - you know - Trotsky.

Free Communist Music!

Wow! Soviet Music! COOL!: You can actually download a lot of communist music for FREE, because we communists don't believe in money! Isn't that totally cool? Of course, you can always buy from the pandering capitalist running-dogs at or something, but then music that's meant to be by and for the people, meant to inspire revolution AGAINST capitalism, will be going into the pockets of those evil money-grubbers! OH NO! We can't let that happen, can we? It's just not RIGHT!


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